How long do arctic foxes live ?

Average lifespan of Arctic foxes in the wild is about 7-8 years. These animals fall prey to common foxes, gray wolves, they are also hunted by wolverine. Arctic feathered predators also like to eat fox meat. The greatest harm to the population of polar foxes is caused by polar owls, owls, eagles.

Pregnancy lasts an average of 52 days, after which 8 to 12 blind cubs appear on the light. Their eyes open after 2-3 weeks. Both parents take an active part in the brood rearing. Both the male and the female bring them food, play with them, take them out of the hole. Small foxes develop at a rapid pace, and after six months they catch up with their parents in size.

As soon as the puppies grow up, the parents leave their native nest. The male leaves first of the family, and after a while the female. And the cubs, so as not to die of hunger, begin an independent life.

At the end of the summer, Arctic Foxes start migrating. One of the main reasons why Arctic Foxes leave their territories is a lack of food. Over the season the polar fox can overcome more than 1000 km. over an endless snow-covered tundra.