How long do arctic hares live ?

Arctic hares average lifespan is about 5-6 years. The mating season takes place in the spring, in April – May. Animals form pairs, and in some cases the male mates with several females. The woman does the work of the hole. Nora is a dug hole in the ground behind a large rock or rock, on its bottom lies the litter of the hare’s own fur, which the female is plucking out and the leaves.

The duration of pregnancy is approximately 1.5 months. In the inhabitants of the southern regions, the birth takes place almost a week earlier. It is born from 2 to 8 cubs. The offspring grow very fast and by September they are not inferior in size to adults. Sexually mature in the spring of next year and begin to multiply.

These animals have been hunting objects for centuries. Their meat was used for food, fur was used to make clothes. Therefore, man has always been the enemy of the hare. But it is more dangerous for this animal, after all, arctic foxes, ermines and wolves.

If the hare can hide from people in the snow and thanks to the white color of the fur becomes invisible, then the predator will also feel it in this case. In this situation, only strong legs and fast running save. However, with age, animals weaken, so they can not escape and become an easy prey for predatory animals.