How long do arctic wolves live ?

The average lifespan of arctic wolves is about 7 years in the wild. Mating in arctic wolves begins in February and ends in April. Hatching of cubs – 61-75 days. Most often, 4-5 wolf cubs are born in litter. In the autumn-winter period the flock migrates in large parts over large areas, but after the end of the mating season the female leaves the pack to prepare a lair for herself. She can dig it herself, but if the land is too frozen, the she-wolf will grow old in the old lair.

Cubs appear with closed eyes and underdeveloped ear holes. But a month later, their helplessness leaves no trace – the cubs eat half-digested pieces of meat, belched by a male, who takes care of his pack, bringing food to the wolf’s lair. When the wolves are hungry for several days, then, after catching a large prey, they can eat a ten-piece piece of meat at a time.

Arctic wolves are nocturnal animals with a well-developed hearing. Color allows to merge with snow, which is very convenient for camouflage when hunting large herbivores. When wolves pursue musk oxen, moose, deer and caribou, over one hundred kilometers can run for one day.

Arctic wolves have all the properties to be the masters of the Arctic – their magnificent warm fur coat, night vision, skills of good hunters give them full right to this honorary title.