How long do axolotls live ?

The average life span of axolotls is about 12 – 14 years. It’s long period for such amphibians. These amphibians can reproduce in any water, at any temperature. Only the most desirable temperature is 22 degrees, or at least not lower than 6 degrees.

At axolotls  sometimes pigmented spots of dark color around of eyes are formed. In white axolotls, there are always pigment spots of different shapes, their eyes are brown. Albino-axolotls have pink eyes and they have no spots.

It is very important not to contain axolotls in conjunction with frogs, because they have common diseases.

It happens that axolotls for one reason or another lose limbs. To help him grow it faster, plant it in a separate aquarium with cool water. Often the cause of self-mutilation is a fight or a famine. Axolotls regenerates in itself gills, paws, skin, tail, kidney tissue, heart, liver, various parts of nervous systems. If the injury is serious, then the regeneration will take longer.