How long do baboons live ?

Life span of baboons in the wild is 30 years, in captivity up to 40 years. Baboons don’t live alone. In their herd there are about 80 individuals. All together baboons wander in search of food, go in for grooming and sleep.

The relationship is clearly built hierarchy. Dominant in the herd is a group of leaders who try to stay together and, in case of danger, give each other support and help. The composition of the group of leaders has not changed for many years.

Between adult young females, close ties are maintained, which are the basis for stable harmonious relationships in the herd of baboons, although the competition that causes fights exists among females. The grown-up males from the native herd leave and join the other. Otherwise, it will not be accepted. Some pairs persist for years, but the norm is that long-term alliances are not