How long do bandicoots live ?

Bandicoots have a short life expectancy. If they manage to escape from predators, bandicoots  can live up to 3-4 years. Bandicoots are solitary animals that will be gathered into groups only for mating. Both male and female individuals reach sexual maturity at the age of five months. Although the female can have a new litter every 7-8 weeks, only 2 to 3 litters will be produced every year.

Like all representatives of marsupials, the female organism is equipped with a leather bag-pouch. Bandicoots have the shortest gestation period in all mammals, which lasts only 12 days. The calf is very small and poorly developed at birth. After birth, he will crawl to the bag, where he will complete his development.

The kid spends 54 days in a bag attached to the nipple, which provides milk. The bag usually contains 3 to 6 cubs at a time.

Unlike other marsupials, the bag is opened back. This is a special adaptation to the lifestyle of bandits. The reverse opening prevents dirt from entering the bag when the mother is digging the ground, trying to find food.