How long do barn owls live ?

Usually barn owls live in freedom about two or three years. However, there are outstanding cases: in America and Holland, these birds overcame the bar in ten years, and in England, one individual lived and did twenty-one years.

Periodicity oviposition of the barn owl depends on climatic conditions: in countries where there are pronounced seasons, incubation of eggs occurs only at the beginning of a warm period. In a tropical climate, birds are not limited to seasonal restrictions, so breeding is possible throughout the year.

Barn owl is afraid of man. He will not let people come too close to him: if he feels danger, he will fly away. These birds have a phenomenal vision, and, as in the dark time of day, and in the light.

Owls belong to the night inhabitants. To hunt, they fly out when it gets dark, and usually sleep during the day. The flight of these birds is noiseless, and all thanks to the special endings of the flight feathers – they muffle the sound.