How long do barracudas live ?

The average life span of barracudas is about 10-15 years.Barracuda – large predatory fish from the detachment of the Cefalaceous. Despite their systematic membership in mullets, they are not alike. Most of all barracudas resemble a pike, for which they received their second unofficial name “sea pike”.

However, it should be remembered that similarity is purely external – convergent – that is, caused by a similar way of life, and there are no true family ties between barracudas and pikes. The family of barracuda has 20 species.

All members of the family have large sizes – on average the length of barracuda is 1 m, but instances are often up to 2 m long! Body weight varies from 2 to 10 kg. The body of the barracuda is elongated, cylindrical, the head of the “pike” with pointed snout. The barracuda fins are comparatively small in size, in contrast to the pike in most barracudas of 2 dorsal fins, with 5 sharp spiny rays in the first dorsal fin. Scales in barracudas are very small. These fish are colored in silver, greenish-gray or blue-gray colors, on the sides in many species there are bands.