How long do basking sharks live ?

The average life span of basking sharks is about 50 years.Little is known about the reproduction of giant sharks: pregnant females were caught extremely rarely, and they were not able to obtain sufficient information. Sharks of this species are ovovivorous, probably with characteristic intrauterine cannibalism. The researchers suggest that mating occurs once in 2-4 years.

Before giving birth, females probably keep to a great depth, where the birth takes place. Since the teeth of giant sharks are not needed for nutrition, they probably play a role in reproduction (the male retains the female).

The area of ​​the range of giant sharks is very large. Sharks are found everywhere in the temperate and subpolar seas, mostly in the distance from the shores. Figuratively the habitat of giant sharks can be imagined as two broad strips covering the southern and northern regions of the globe (except for extreme northern and southern regions). In the northern part, they occur in the waters from 38 ° to 72 ° N, and in the south from 29 ° to 55 ° S.

These sharks often move throughout the year (migrate). In winter, sharks of this species keep away from the coast in deep water, and in summer – are noticeable closer to the surface in the coastal waters. The preferred water temperature is + 8 ° C to + 14 ° C.