How long do bats live ?

Bats can live up to 30 years. If we consider that other similar sized mammals live only a couple of years, this is really impressive. Bats mate in autumn, shortly before hibernation, but eggs are not fertilized until the spring. (Known as delayed implantation). After the embryo begins to develop, the pregnancy lasts 6-7 weeks, in the summer usually one baby is born.

The baby cubs are tiny, for the first week blind and without wool. They need heat for growth and development. Young individuals of bats live on the back of the mother and feed on exceptional milk, until they learn to fly and hunt; Usually this happens at 3-6 weeks.

Bats live in colonies. In summer, live in trees or buildings, which can be accessed through a gap – they have enough slots of 13 mm – or a gutter or cracks in the stone. The batters fall into hibernation; They gradually stop eating and find a place convenient for hibernation – usually in crevices of buildings or trees.

Bats feed on moths, small butterflies, mosquitoes and small dipterous insects, hunting them on water, in forests, in marshes and even in populated areas.