How long do Bengal tigers live ?

The Bengal tiger can live up to 18 years in captivity and, probably, a little less – in the wild. The average life span of ┬áBengal tigers in the wild is about 15 years.Their first young female Bengal tiger gives birth in 3 – 4 years. Pregnancy lasts from 3 to 4 months, after which the light appears from 2 to 5 cubs.

Babes of Bengal tigers are incredibly playful and curious. Already at the age of one year the younger generation is able to kill a small animal on its own (smaller in size than a tiger cub). However, despite the formidable nature, young cubs are a delicious prey for hyenas and lions.

When the cubs are two years old, they become completely independent. Young males leave the “father’s house” to form their territory, and female individuals remain on the mother territory.

Currently, this species of animals has an international status of “dying out”. Because of the poaching activities of these animals in the world there are about 1500 individuals, and every year they are getting smaller.