How long do birds live ?

Precisely say, how many years live birds impossible. Nature seems to have measured a lot for them, but it puts the birds in such conditions, when during a fierce struggle for existence, only some individuals reach their maximum age. In advance it is necessary to say that in biology there is the following regularity: the longest live the birds that have large dimensions, low fertility and develop more slowly.

Purely theoretically, birds have the following life expectancy: swallows – 9 years, starlings – 19 years, polar terns – 27 years, decorative pigeons – 35 years, ostriches – 50 years, golden eagles – 80 years. But, in spite of this, starlings do not live more than two years; All known rooks live on average 2.5 years, although theoretically they could live up to 8-mi.

Cairo – maximum life expectancy 14 years, and on average 4.5 years. Gray herons can live more than 15 years, but in reality live only 2.5 years. Duck pintail really does not live to the second year of life, although it could have lived 17 years.