How long do black bears live ?

The black bear lives in the wild about 18 years. Individual species of the species survive to 30 years. In captivity,  black bears can survive to 40 or even 44 years. Adult life begins at the age of one and a half years. Sexual maturity occurs at the age of 3-5 years.

The mating season usually takes place in June-July. In the northern regions, it captures August. Pregnancy lasts 235 days. The cubs are born in late January, early February, when the female is in the den. The litter is most often two bear cubs, although there have been cases when the light appears 6 cubs. Newborn babies weigh 300-450 grams. In length reach 20 cm. Their wool is gray and thin. The eyes are opened for 30-40 days. Milk feeding lasts about 8 months.

When the female begins a new heat, she drives the grown cubs from their territory. The female brings offspring every 2 years.

Since the meeting of Baribal with man ended, the desire of people to completely destroy the predator, the distribution area of ​​this bear has significantly decreased. However, in the aftermath of Baribala were taken under protection, now the security measures have yielded results.