How long do blue whales live

Regarding the life expectancy of the blue whale, there are different estimates, this question has not been fully clarified, but in any case, it is great – according to various sources, 80-90 years, with this is the oldest known specimen was 110 years old.

According to some scientists, these figures need verification, but in any case, in well-studied herds of the blue whale (in the Bay of St. Lawrence), the life of whales is at least 40 years. Longevity of blue whales is emphasized, for example, by the fact that when calculating the dynamics of the number of blues, the term of one generation is adopted for 31 years.

The blue whales are almost completely blind and devoid of smell, so the only way to explore the surrounding world, which they use, is echolocation with sounds. Whales spend an enormous amount of time analyzing sound signals from outside, which is facilitated by the structure of the skull of the animal. In the front of the head, the animal has a sound reproducing system that serves as a lens that reproduces and captures sounds.

The famous songs of blue whales, reaching 188 decibels, are most often associated with the period of reproduction. “Sing” usually males, but sometimes also females “sing” to their children (to listen to songs of blue whales can be lower). With the help of echolocation, individuals can communicate with each other, even being at a distance of up to 1600 km from each other.