How long do brown bears live ?

The life span of brown bear depends on the conditions. How many years does the bear live? The average Siberian brown bear lives about 20 – 30 years. As already mentioned, the bear lives in the forest zone. The dwelling – den. He arranges a bear in a dark place, in order to protect himself and his family from the attack of other predators.

As for the way of life and behavior, it can be said that the male of the brown bear is kept apart. To look after the cubs is the task of the female. From birth she takes care of the kids, feeds them with milk, teaches everything necessary, so that later, the cubs can survive on their own in a wild forest.

The brown bear belongs to the class of predatory mammals. The brown bear dwells mainly in the forest zone. Siberian dense forest, taiga – the best places for dwelling brown bear. Here he procures himself food without much difficulty. Activity brown bear is observed particularly bright in the morning and evening. Throughout their life, bears live in an established, uniform rhythm. They are characterized by sluggishness, drowsiness. True, if you bring an animal, you can see all of his anger, in which he is terrible.