How long do buffalo live ?

The average life span of buffalo is about 20 years. The Turks consider it unclean, and the Indian tribe of the Tamusov idolizes this animal and keeps large herds for sacrifices. In the East Indies, there is a little-known buffalo (Bubalus Arni), which is more than 3 m in length and 2 m high in the shoulders. Its horns diverge almost 2 m.

The enemies of the buffalo are few. Wild buffaloes successfully repel even from tigers, which can only overcome calves.

Indian buffalo – an enviable hunting prey not only because of meat, but also because of almost two-meter horns. The horns of the Indian buffalo are considered a very prestigious trophy from any hunter. The height of the Indian buffalo at the withers is almost two meters.

The buffalo is found in the wild in the lowlands of the East Indies and neighboring islands, and as a domestic animal, he lives in Central and West Asia, North Africa (especially in Egypt), Italy, Greece, Hungary and the lower Danube.

The Indian buffalo likes hot swampy or water-rich terrain. The buffalo feeds on grass, marsh plants, cane and reeds. His movements are slow and clumsy and only a quick run will soon tire him.