How long do bulldogs live ?

According to statistics, the maximum lifespan of French bulldogs is 9-12 years. Only a small percentage of centenarians cross the border at the age of 12, and it is very rare to find a miniature bulldog over 15 years old.

But do not despair, it is possible that your pet will set a new record for life expectancy and will live 18-20 years. It has long been proven that the smaller the growth of a dog, the later it goes for a rainbow. It would seem that the miniature French should also live long, but this breed has many features that shorten its life by an average of 5 years compared to, for example, the Chihuahua.

Firstly, this breed, though small, but still a bulldog, and the age of all bulldogs is not long. Secondly, most dogs with shortened muzzle have problems with breathing and cardiovascular system, which also affects the life span. Certain harm is caused by the propensity of bulldogs to obesity, violations of the natural hormonal background, hereditary predisposition to the development of various diseases.

Body parts look flat and muscular, legs short and look very strong. The coat is dense, short, smooth, easy to look after. French bulldogs, as a rule, are easy to train, but there are quite stubborn specimens, which should also be taken into account.

Another feature of the French bulldog – this breed is divorced with great difficulties. Usually there are three or four puppies in the brood. Due to the lack of fluff in short wool bulldogs are very sensitive to heat and cold. It’s a city dog ‚Äč‚Äčthat does not like to walk too long. Only in the apartment, surrounded by people, she always feels good.