How long do bullfrogs live ?

The life span of bullfrogs is not so long. However, there are cases when some species in captivity lived for a long time. The average life span of bullfrog is about 16 years. Reproduction usually begins during the rainy season. Males determine their site in the pond and protect it from rivals. Then they start calling females with their mooing. In the mating season, this mooing can be heard for several days in a row, than there are very dissatisfied local residents.

After mating, the female spawns in several sets. One female usually throws from 15 to 19 thousand eggs. On this the parental duties of the bull-frog end. A few days later small tadpoles hatch from the eggs. In a toad – bull they will only turn in two years. But up to this time only a fifth of all tadpoles survive – the rest become victims of fish and other inhabitants of the reservoir.

Bullfrogs are active at night. Search for food come out with sunset. In bull frogs, the main method of hunting is an ambush. They can hide in the grass if they hunt on land, or in algae, if in the water. In the afternoon they rest.