How long do bunnies live ?

In the wild, bunnies live not so long – about three years. They die from the clutches and teeth of predators, from rains, flooding their mink and from a dangerous coccidosis disease.

In wild most of bunnies live less than three years – they are allowed to be slaughtered. At home, all these dangers are excluded, so the life span of animals is doubled. And there were even record-breakers: in England, Flippy’s favorite pet did not live to be 19 years old!

The life span of animals depends, first of all, on his heredity. It is very important that it be taken from a healthy kind. Also, the number of years allocated to the uchastom will be determined by its breed.

Decorative and dwarf bunnies  have weaker immunity, weaker health and live an average of five years. But large bunnies , as a rule, meat breeds, live longer. Let’s look at what breeds are long-livers.