How long do butterflies live ?

The duration of their life is related to specific features and habitat conditions. Some butterflies die as soon as they fulfill their main function – reproduction. Wintering butterflies live up to a year.

The life span of butterfly-mates is limited by the reserves accumulated in the body during their “larval” state.

A butterfly has a lot of enemies at will, so it has little chance to live long. The life span of a butterfly is limited by its species:

  • Butterfly family Psyche live from a few minutes to an hour.
  • Silkworms and scammers live for several days.
  • Cabbage – up to 20 days.
  • Urticaria, lemongrass and monarchs – up to 9 months.

Butterfly in captivity is very difficult to create suitable conditions for their maintenance. The exception is tropical butterflies. If they put a saucer with honey water on time and protect them from pets, drafts and chemicals, they will live in the apartment for a couple of months.