How long do camels live ?

It is interesting that in different sources the life expectancy of a camel varies from 20 to 50 years. Some argue that individual camel individuals survived to 70 years! The period of growth in camels lasts up to 8 years. Maturity is before 20-25 years. But in the work of camels are used from 3 to 20-25 years. Just before the onset of old age. It all converges. Old age is still not easy even for such an unpretentious animal as a camel.

A camel is an animal that even children have heard of. He lives, as a rule, in arid steppes and deserts. That is why the structure of the body of this animal helps him to adapt to the harshest conditions.

The neck of a camel is long and thin. Head small, with small rounded ears. Dense cilia grow on the eyes, they protect the eyes from getting into them dust and sand. The camel’s nostrils are closed and open, thereby controlling the ingestion of grains of sand.

The camel is also called the “ship of the desert”, and all because it moves along the sand it resembles a ship floating on the sea. The thing is that the camel has very wide hooves, which allow it to easily overcome any obstacles, let alone sand.