How long do capybaras live ?

In the nature average lifespan of capybara is about 6 years. Sexual maturity of capybara is reached at the age of 15 to 18 months. Despite the fact that the female gives birth mostly once a year, under certain conditions she is quite capable of giving birth again during the year. Capybaras can breed regardless of the season, but are especially active during the rainy season. They mate in the water. The male leader tries to get along with all the females (though he does not always succeed in this, especially if the herd is too large). At the same time, the female does not deny anyone.

Pregnancy in capybara lasts about 150 days, it gives birth to the ground, does not do any dens for this, does not seek shelter. Usually has from two to eight kids, the weight of each cub is about one and a half kilograms. Small capybaras, covered with wool, with open eyes, small teeth and at the same time are able to follow their mother almost immediately and even eat grass.

Milk feeds for up to three months, while it feeds not only the mother, but also other females that gave birth to babies at this time, since the capybaras do not divide the newborns into their own and others. Small capybars are brought up, guarded and protected from danger by all female herds.