How long do caracals live ?

The average lifespan of caracals in the wild is about 12-14 years. In captivity caracals can live about 16 years. There is no specific breeding period, mating can occur throughout the year, but the peak is observed in October and February. At this time, most food, so the caracals instinctively proceed to procreation.

In the mating season, females, along with urine, excrete pheromones that exert influence on males. At this time, the steppe lynx publishes certain sounds resembling a cough, they are a signal to the marriage games. The female mates for several days with different males, giving preference to the largest and strongest.

The gestation period lasts 68-81 days. The female gives birth to kittens in a secluded place, for example, in the hole of an animal, in a cave or under the roots of trees. One female can have 1-6 toddlers. At first, the female constantly changes its nest so that predators can not find it.

After 15 days the kittens become independent. But they need a mother’s care. Males do not participate in raising children. Young individuals can do without the mother’s care only in 5-6 months. Sexual maturity of caracals occurs in 7-10 months, but mating occurs when they gain 9-10 kilograms.