How long do cassowaries live ?

The average life span of cassowaries in the wild is about 12-20 years. In captivity, by the way, cassowaries can live up to 40 years. The main weapon of cassowaries are powerful three-toed feet with long and sharp claws, which easily rip open the human skin.

But even letting them in is not always necessary. Sometimes it is enough one or two strokes with these paws and a man has several ribs broken, and a 12-centimeter dagger-like claw on the inner finger acts as a deadly blade.

Most often they attack in 2 cases: first, when they protect their cubs, and, secondly, guarding their territory. Escape from them by flight is not the best option, because these birds run fast, speeding up to 50 km / h, in addition to this they easily overcome obstacles up to 1.5 meters in height.