How long do catfish live ?

Catfish usually live from 80 to 100 years. But of course not all catfish live for so long. Catfish is considered to be the largest freshwater predator. Fish catfish weight is about 150-300 kg.

Catfish appearance is very easy to distinguish from other fish species. He has a very big mouth, and about them there are two big mustaches, and his head is also very large. His food is very diverse. Usually, it feeds on mollusks and worms, and sometimes cancers and other animals.

The catfish, according to its size from freshwater fish, is second only to beluga, which lives on the territory of Russia. Its length and weight are associated with the pond where it is found, as well as with the fish feed. Most often catfish live in large rivers and lakes in southern and central Europe.

Fish like warm water, so they live around the world, but not so numerous. Individuals settle in deep places of reservoirs, and seldom change their habitual habitat