How long do chameleons live ?

How long do chameleons live ? Depends on the breed and the floor. Females live significantly less because of the heavy female part, they regularly lay eggs, even if there is not a male next to them. Yemen males are 4-7 years old, females 3-5 in average. If the conditions are appropriate, the temperature and humidity correspond, then the time is closer to the high mark. On average, from three to five years, but there are chameleons-long-livers. For example, Parsoni’s chameleons live up to twenty years, and Pardapis, on the contrary, may not live to see their triennium.

 Chameleon is an excellent insect hunter. In order to catch his prey, he does not even need to move. Therefore, most of the time chameleons spend sitting on a branch motionless, they move very slowly. Their paws are equipped with special suckers that cling tightly to the bark of the tree. On the ground, the chameleon with its special paws has to be tight – it staggers, trying to quickly reach the next tree. But they can very well maintain their balance by leaning on several points at the same time, A grasping tail.

For hunting chameleons have a wonderful weapon – their language. It is long, sticky and hollow inside. Seeing the prey, the animal gives her a closer look, and then throws out the tongue with lightning speed and draws the insect into her mouth. Hunting, the chameleon freezes on a branch, while constantly rotating its eyes in different directions, so it’s almost impossible to notice its insect. At this time, the tongue of the lizard, equal to half the length of the body, is in the mouth in a compressed, as a spring, form. When a prey appears, the chameleon’s eyes are aimed in one direction, the tongue shoots at the victim, striking it with an extended sticky tip, and then he returns to the mouth with the adherent insect. The whole “capture” takes a lizard’s twentieth of a second.