How long do chihuahuas live ?

With proper feeding and care, the average life span chihuahua can be about 14 years, and sometimes even more. Despite its small size and apparent fragility, the Chihuahua refers to a fairly hardy dog ​​with good health. However, the owners must carry out preventive measures to maintain the health of their pets. Eye diseases such as retinal atrophy, as well as diseases typical of miniature dogs such as tracheal collapse, patella dislocation, aseptic inflammation of the head of the femur, and heart disease may occur.

There are also cases of hypoglycemia, that is, a decrease in blood sugar. Symptoms are apathy, increased drowsiness, pallor of the mucous membranes, in rare cases even fainting. If any of the symptoms occur, give the animal a solution of sugar or glucose.

With the proper and regular implementation of hygiene procedures, it is possible to prevent the occurrence of some of the diseases. First of all it concerns a teeth. If the dog constantly receives soft, mushy food, the stone will soon appear on the teeth, due to which the pathogenic bacteria multiply in the oral cavity. To avoid this problem, chihuahua teeth should be cleaned regularly.