How long do chimpanzees live ?

Chimpanzee lives under favorable conditions, then the life expectancy will be about 50 years. It is necessary to regularly visit a veterinarian, buy vitamins for your pet and vaccinate him so that he lives as long as possible. Therefore, how much a chimp lives, depends on the conditions of their life.

The oldest primacy is Chita, a chimpanzee, who appeared in the films about Tarzan in the 1930s. It is the oldest of non-human primates. The retired 73-year-old actor likes to watch his old films in the company of his grandson, and the collection of his paintings is kept in the National Gallery.

Pregnancy in chimpanzees lasts 230 days, after which the female gives birth to one calf and feeds him with breast until four years. Usually chimps use bird eggs, flowers and buds, tree leaves, fish, and much more in their diet.

You can buy a baby chimpanzee at a special pet store or at a zoo. If you are ready for such a responsible step, it is worth very carefully approaching the choice of this animal. It is best to buy a one-year-old baby, and he should be completely healthy. Usually the cost of these animals is large enough, and you must provide all the necessary documents for the right to own a pet.