How long do chinchillas live ?

One of the main advantages of chinchillas over other rodents is the duration of their life, at home they can live to 25 years old, are found in professional nurseries of America and chinchillas, which are already 28 years old.

The life span of a chinchilla directly depends on how competently its owner will comply with the conditions of his exotic content. The exact age of the chinchilla is difficult to determine if you are not a doctor, but a layman can distinguish a puppy from an adult.

The puppy has a more rounded muzzle, the ears are small and round in shape, the neck is shortened.

Also, if you have a puppy with white teeth, it means that he still feeds on milk, therefore, his age is less than two months. With age, the chinchilla’s teeth darken and acquire a natural orange color for them.

By the age of seven months, the chinchillas have completely formed the genitals, which will also help you approximately determine the age of the young chinchilla.