How long do chipmunks live ?

In natural conditions, the life expectancy of chipmunks is usually 2-3 years, but in captivity – with the right and careful maintenance – can live 8-10 years. In this case, offspring are rarely brought.

To humans, animals are treated without fear even in natural conditions, so taming them at home will be quite simple. The whole secret is in feeding! The natural instincts make the chipmunk constantly make food supplies, so he will regularly ask you for delicious food, even if he just had a hearty lunch. If you start to feed him, without making sudden movements and without making a big noise, the chipmunk will quickly become tame.

After two or three weeks of keeping in the cage, the animal can be let out for a walk around the room. But only under the watchful eye! Otherwise your favorite book will be missing whole pages, and somewhere in a pile of bedding you will find a deposit of nuts.

 The plan of keeping the chipmunks clean and very tidy, their cell will not have a specific “mouse” smell, which, you must agree, is a huge plus. Chipmunks are living a daily life, but they are very active and extremely curious.

Chipmunks can be kept in pairs, the animals get along with each other peacefully enough. And in September, rodents, obeying the call of nature, begin to prepare for hibernation, and their behavior becomes aggressive notes. During this period, the animals should be planted in separate cells.