How long do clownfish live ?

In nature, clownfish  life span is about 10 years. Clownfish  in the aquarium lives 2 times longer. They are born by males, after which the largest individuals become females. At her death one of the males changes the floor and takes the place of the deceased.

Their maximum size is 11 cm, the average is 7 cm. The body shape is in the form of a torpedo. The head has a bulge similar to a frog’s. Hard dorsal fin contains 10, soft – about 14 – 17 rays. The color of fish of any age is the same: thick black stripes alternate with orange or red and white. Fins have a black border. Eye Iris – bright orange. The whole body color can be from bright orange to red and yellow. Female larger (1 cm) and aggressive. In the pack they are leaders. There are about 26 subspecies of fish with a different form of bands and shades.

The preferred habitat in captivity is corals and sea anemones. Tentacles of the latter contain stinging cells and serve as a protection for the fish of clowns. Getting burns from anemia, they quickly begin to develop enveloping mucus and become insensitive to the poison. At the same time, they cleanse the sea anemone from the mud and carry out the water ventilation (symbiosis) among the tentacles. Fish live one by one, in small or small flocks.