How long do cockroaches live ?

At home, red cockroaches are able to maintain their vital functions for 9-10 months. In this case, the life expectancy of an adult specimen is usually not more than 20-30 weeks. The rest of the time it is necessary to develop the larvae, which the females of the Prusak lay off.

Black cockroaches live, as a rule, 2-3 months less. If the amount of food and water is not enough, then the life expectancy of insects is significantly reduced.

Scientifically proven that red cockroaches can do without food for up to 50 days. Black – up to 70. Such a long term is due to the fact that cockroaches are cold-blooded creatures and they do not need to spend energy to maintain a constant body temperature. This means that in times of food shortage, they just hide and wait for the moment when you can thoroughly eat.

Despite the fact that the Corsica for a long time are able to do without food, without water, they can live only 7 days. This is due to the fact that the water gradually evaporates from the shell of the insect and if not replenish it, then the insects literally “dry up” and die.