How long do cougars live ?

In nature, the cougars life span is about 18-20 years. There is no specific breeding season for cougars, although in the northern latitudes it is usually stretched from December to March. Mating, like that of other cats, is accompanied by fights and loud cries of males; The male tries to cover all the females living within his territory. Estrus in females lasts about 9 days.

The gestation period is 82-96 days. In litter from 1 to 6 cubs weighing 226-453 grams and about 30 cm long. Their color is brown with black spots; Changes to one-year age. Eyes in kittens open after 8-10 days. At the same time they have their first teeth cut and they start to play.

At the age of 6 weeks they begin to eat adult food, but continue to receive milk. At this time, the mother has to bring prey three times more than usual. Until 15-26 months, the cubs stay with their mother, then go in search of their own hunting areas, although they can stay in groups for several months after leaving the mother. Sexual maturity of females is 2.5 years, and males at 3 years.