How long do coyotes live ?

Coyotes live up to 10 years in freedom and 16-18 years in captivity. The main social unit in coyotes is a pair of males and females, although there are often single animals and flocks. The flocks are formed where there are many coyotes, and the food is plentiful; In them for 5-6 individuals, parents and young animals from the previous year. Flocks appear in coyotes and when the number of small rodents decreases, and coyotes are forced to unite to hunt large animals. Coyotes rarely conflict in earnest, even the invasion of outsiders into the patch of the pack usually does not lead to a fight.

Pairs of the coyote are formed for many years. Mating is in January-February. Pregnancy – 60-65 days; In the brood 5-10, sometimes up to 19 cubs. A brood is born in a den – in a cave, a crevice among the rocks, in the hollow of a fallen tree or in a hole, sometimes old badger or fox.

Coyotes usually have spare dwellings, where the parents carry the cubs in case of danger. Both parents participate in family matters. The first days the female does not get out of the hole, and the male takes food. Cubs are fed, regurgitating half-digested food. In autumn they become independent; Young males leave, and females often remain in the pack.