How long do crabs live ?

Life span of crabs in captivity under good conditions of detention – 3-4 years or more (there is evidence that up to 11 years).

Cardisoma armatum (large rainbow crab) – large, extremely beautiful, featuring a distinctive three-color crab color. In nature, they grow in size: the diameter of the body can reach 8-10 cm, but in captivity, they do not grow so large, despite the life expectancy of 8-10 years.

It is not easy for him to create conditions for a long and happy life in captivity. Most of their lives, these crabs are not in the water, but on land. In addition, in nature they grow quite large: the diameter of the body of a crab can reach 16 cm or more, so for their maintenance requires a spacious water aquarium.

One crab requires a living space of at least 50×40 cm. For several animals, an apartment of at least a meter in length is needed. Crabs are actively competing with each other. In close space, the feeding of several individuals will be difficult. Crabs masterfully enclosed close the food from a neighbor.