How long do cranes live ?

 Among birds of similar size, cranes are long-liver. Even in nature, they often survive to 20-30 years, and in captivity records of life span in 60-80 years are known. Young birds become on the wing in 1-2 months after birth, but after that they do not part with their parents. Family breaks down only a year later, when the time of the next nesting is coming. Sexual maturity of young reach to 4-5 years.

The enemies of the cranes in nature are eagles, golden eagles, foxes, foxes, raccoons, bears, wolves can pounce on chicks and eggs. However, most birds die from human activity. In addition to poaching, the threat to cranes is a factor of concern during nesting, tractors and combines that press nests, electropores, in which adult individuals become entangled. If we consider that the cranes nest at a great distance from each other, and the untouched by economic activities of the land is becoming less, then an acute shortage of habitats is evident.

The number of American, white, Japanese cranes is especially low. In the United States, Russia and Japan, special programs for their breeding in captivity and subsequent release into nature operate. This is not an easy task, as the cranes are distinguished by a high level of intelligence and remember well the caregivers.