How long do crayfish live ?

The average life expectancy of crayfish is more than 25 years, and the full maturation of crayfish occurs only 3-4 years after the appearance of the egg. The life expectancy of crayfish and the growth of their population as a whole is strongly influenced by the purity of water.

If untreated effluents enter the water, the number and lifespan of crayfish falls off precipitously.

Crayfishes – a kind of indicator of the purity of the pond – if there are many crayfish, then the pond is very clean.

Crayfishes are very demanding on the content. They need a certain amount of oxygen in the water – if there is not enough oxygen in the water, then the crayfish die within two to three days.

If it was possible to achieve the correct chemical composition of water, then in a normal home bucket or aquarium, crayfish will live at least 5 years.