how long do crocodiles live in captivity ?

The average life span of a crocodile in captivity is 40 years. But there are long-livers, in Australia celebrated the birthday of the crocodile, who turned 110 years old, he was presented with a cake of chicken.

During the mating season, males show their own instincts, protecting the territory from the invasion of competitors. Met, the males are fierce fights. After mating, the female makes a nest of silt and grass on the shore and places 20-100 eggs in it. She is constantly near the nest, often without food, and protects him from any encroachments. The incubation period depends on the temperature of the environment and lasts 2-3 months.

At the time of hatching crocodiles publish a peculiar squeak and the mother immediately rushes to their aid. The female often takes the eggs in the teeth and gently rolls them in her mouth, helping the newborn to get rid of the shell. Newborn crocodiles are completely independent and immediately rush to the water, sometimes the mother helps them to the pond: the crocodile takes the kids into the mouth and carries them to the water itself.