How long do crocodiles live ?

Crocodiles live up to 100 years, not stopping their growth. The crocodile, who managed to avoid contact with a marabu, hyena and lizard in childhood, can live long enough if he does not meet a man. These animals can manage a year without food, keep their teeth to death and live in the natural environment of 80 to 100 years.

Crocodiles are single animals, but they tolerate the neighborhood of their own kind. In reservoirs rich in food, crocodiles constantly monitor the behavior of their fellow humans and at the slightest signs of a meal rush to join it. According to some observations, Nile crocodiles are able to coordinate their actions in hunting, surrounding and driving the victim into a ring.

But crocodiles are alien to friendly feelings, they do not protect their brethren, and with a significant difference in size, a large crocodile is quite capable of eating a smaller one. It’s not for nothing that a hypocritical man is said to be “pouring crocodile tears”.