How long do crows live ?

Life crows largely depends on the environmental conditions, from the place of habitation and nutrition. But on average, the duration of these birds is not significant. In nature, the age reaches 15 years. In captivity, life can be extended to 30 years. Bird of the crow is of small size, the weight reaches 700 grams. In real life, they are always in danger, difficulties arise with food. There are beliefs that before these birds could be up to 300 years old.

Of course, it’s difficult to verify. But there were cases when in captivity crows lived to the age of 70, because proper nutrition, lack of danger positivity affect life expectancy.

So we helped to answer your question, how many years live crows. Now you know that they need to help, if possible, feed. Then it will be easier for birds to survive in the wild habitat.

In the urban environment, the bird lives 10 years, because it has to face every day a lot of difficulties and then overcome them. Here in captivity it is possible to help save some species of birds.

Ravens are unique birds that can imitate sounds. There were times when they made barking like dogs. If you look closely at them, you can find many interesting things. So it is worth thinking about the safety of the life of these birds and helping them cope with the difficulties, because it is within the power of everyone.