How long do dingoes live ?

Dingoes life span is about 10 years in nature and up to 13 years in captivity. Dingoes are monogamous. Sexual maturity of dingo occurs at the age of 1-3 years.

At the age of 3 weeks, dingo puppies leave their native lair for the first time, and the female stops feeding them with milk. By 8 weeks they finally leave the lair and live together with other members of the pack. From 9 to 12 weeks, the mother and the rest of the pack bring them food and water, which regurgitate and feed the puppies. In 3-4 months the puppies are already independent and accompany adults on the hunt.

Dingo and domestic dogs are easily crossed, and wild dingo populations are heavily hybridized. Exceptions are populations living in Australian national parks and other protected areas. The offspring of a dingo and a dog poses a great threat to sheep breeding, as non-thoroughbred dingoes tend to breed 2 times a year (rather than one as a purebred) and are more aggressive.