How long do domestic rabbits live ?

In the conditions of the house, ordinary animals can live peacefully for 5 or more years, but domestic rabbit lives maximum of 3. Domestic rabbits in the conditions of industrial maintenance on average live – 2-3 years.

Especially productive, prolific females and male producers with high activity are kept up to 5 years. If an ordinary animal lives in a private house and has good home care, the pet can live 7-8 years, even more. By the way, if a wild rabbit is taken home from natural conditions, it is unlikely that he will live long.

Pets that do not bring offspring, it is better to castrate. Then the animal’s body will not wear out because of the hormones that stand out “idle”. With your pet you need to handle carefully – do not drop, do not scare, watch, so that you do not get sick, do not catch cold. Poorly tolerate pets screams, loud music, sudden noises, for them it is a great stress.

Famous long-livers among the rabbits was a domestic pet Floppy. He was born in England in 1964 and did not live to be 19 years old just two months. The record holder died in 1983. To date, the network has a reference to the rabbit from Nova Scotia, which, according to eyewitnesses, celebrated its 24th anniversary.