How long do donkeys live ?

Donkeys live quite a long time, the average life span is 25-35 years, the maximum is 42-47. Sexual maturity of donkeys reach 2-2,5 years, but they can be multiplied no earlier than 3 years. Pregnancy of the donkey lasts 360-390 days, one is born (extremely rarely two) colt. The colt feeds milk up to 6-9 months, although the grass begins to taste after two weeks.

Donkeys are quite late in the day compared with horses, they reach full physical development only by 4-5 years, earlier the use of an ass under a pack can lead to the deflection of the back of a young animal.

Outwardly, donkeys are well recognizable: they are smaller than a horse, have a large head, long ears and a tail with a tassel on the tail. The donkeys have only 5 lumbar vertebrae (in horse 6), and the legs are relatively longer. The hooves of the donkeys are narrow, strong and shiny, with their help donkeys can easily climb along narrow paths. The mane is usually stiff and rigid, without bangs.

The sizes of donkeys are even more different. If the vast majority of mongrel animals have a height at the withers of 90-120 cm, the height of thoroughbred asses can vary from the size of a pony to the size of a good horse. In the world there are several dozen breeds of donkeys.