How long do dragonflies live ?

If we talk about the full life of the dragonfly, including the development of the larva, the dragonfly lives on average from 3 months to 6-10 years, depending on the species.

Dragonflies, like many other insects, hatch from the egg. Then the dragonfly larva lives in water on average 3, maximum 4 years. During this time, the larva molts 11 to 12 times, and if it is not eaten, then on its back it grows like wings, and the larva crawls to the surface (most often on the stems of plants). Further from the hatching larva of the dragonfly. The dragonfly lives from a few weeks (arrows) to several months (rocker). At this time, the dragonflies mate, lay eggs, eat, and just enjoy life. In the autumn, the dragonflies die, in the spring the larvae hatch and the process begins again.

Most adults live for a long time. In areas with a cold climate dragonflies winter, choosing for hibernation secluded places, in the tropics dragonflies wait dry season and come alive with the onset of rain. Some dragonflies undertake long flights, including along the trans-Atlantic route, however, most species live near breeding sites.