How long do dwarf rabbits live ?

Dwarf rabbits have a life expectancy at the level of the usual – 1-3 years.  The average weight of animals ranges from 0.7 to 1.2 kg. Along with small size rabbits of this breed are very compact, downed physique. They have a short, rounded muzzle, short, narrow ears, a short neck. Due to such proportions, adult animals resemble eternal rabbits.

Wool from colored dwarf rabbits is also quite short, but it does not look like a plush fur rex. This breed has the widest range of colors, numbering up to 60 variants. The most common are white, fawn, red, black and blue animals.

The females of this breed are not prolific, usually they bring from 2 to 4-5 rabbits. In general, colored dwarf rabbits are unpretentious and clean, but among them come across a variety of characters – from calm to snooty.

Life expectancy of the animal depends on several factors. This is the right food, useful for the animal, vaccinations, proper care and treatment of diseases. To keep your pet healthy for many years, even at home, feed it as if it lives in a wild environment. Watch for the mobility of the baby, organize him moving games, be sure to release from the cage.