How long do echidnas live ?

Echidna are very viable animals. They can do without food for a whole month. Live echidnas long. The average lifespan of echidnas is about 30-40 years. There were individuals who crossed the threshold of 50 years. Unlike platypus, echidna perfectly feel in captivity.

Echidna has enemies, for example, lizards, foxes, wild dogs. They can drive a viper to an open surface and attack it. And even the fact that the echidna coagulates will not save her, because the experimental animal attacks from her abdomen.

Reproduction of echidna occurs with the help of eggs, feeds offspring with milk. Such an unusual animal.

The main food for this animal are ants, worms mollusks. In order to eat, echidna can destroy an anthill. This animal can move and tilt the stone to get food. During the hunt echidna is selected to the victim, with the help of her long tongue, she grabs the prey, presses it to the sky in her mouth and crushes and eats.