How long do elephants live ?

Normally, in natural conditions, elephants can live 60 to 70 years. In zoos, elephants, with proper maintenance, live somewhat longer than their wild relatives. If properly fed, elephants will live up to 80 years.

Elephants are the largest animals on Earth. They grow throughout life, and they can live for almost a century.

Small elephants are at risk of being devoured by predators. The elephant, having survived the period of childhood, has no other natural enemies, except man. Elephants are unpretentious in food, but the duration of their life is significantly affected by the condition of the teeth.


Old individuals of the African elephant reach a mass of 7.5 tons, and their height – 4 m in the shoulders. On average, males weigh about 5, and females – 3 tons. The main weapon of elephants is tusks, whose length is 3-3.5 m with a mass of 100 kg. The record is 4.1 m with a weight of 225 kg. These animals are surprisingly well adapted to the African heat – their big ears are nothing more than a means for thermoregulation. Moving their ears, the elephants fan them like a fan.

Elephants lead a nomadic way of life, in the herd of 9 to 12 animals belonging to the same family (female and her cubs) or united by friendly ties. The route is chosen by the most active and wise female.