How long do emus live ?

Ideally, in an environment, Emu can live up to 20 years, but in practice his age usually reaches 10. Ostrich Emu lives throughout Australia, and especially likes open land on which you can To run about. A bird does not like thick forests or too arid areas. It is known that the ostrich Emu harms the crops of farmers, so they mercilessly exterminate the birds of this breed.

In the natural range of emu are quite friendly, but still ornithologists recommend to refrain from feeding these birds from their hands. For such entertainment it is recommended to visit special reserves or farms, where the ostrich also feels well. Currently, farms with Emu are not only in Australia, but also in China, Peru, North America and Canada.

Males protect chicks from predators, bring them food. This time lasts from 5 to 7 months. Females pay no attention to their offspring. Moreover, they become aggressive towards the males and quickly leave in search of a new one.