How long do ferrets live ?

How long do ferrets live in nature? Only 3-4 years. Domestic do not survive in the natural habitat, and in the human dwelling with proper feeding and adequate care their life expectancy averages 8-10 years. There are cases when domesticated species of ferrets lived 15-18 years. Sometimes hereditary and acquired incurable diseases shorten the life of the animal to 5-6 years.

Of course, the above are average statistical data on how many ferrets live, and how long your pet will live, it is certainly impossible to say, but in one you can be sure: keeping in captivity does not shorten this period. It is important to understand that a serious condition for the animal’s long life is the proper care for it.

Domestic and wild ferrets are not the same thing. They differ in chromosome sets. Biologists even gave them different Latin names: “ferret” and “policat”. Scientists claim that before the ferret became domestic, in its chromosomal code for a long time, gradual changes occurred, as a result of which he became a friend of man and could safely live in captivity. A wild ferret, seized from its natural habitat, can not be tamed. It’s like having a tiger in the apartment and calling it a domestic cat.