How long do fish live ?

Life expectancy in fish fluctuates mainly from the year (fish with a short ripening cycle) and up to a hundred years. The shortest life of fish is cinolebias. In periodically intermittent reservoirs, they lay eggs.

In a drought the fish die, and after the rains, a new offspring of the surviving eggs appears. Anchovies live about a year, anchovy 3 years, salmon to 7 years, cod to 30 years, shark to 40 years. The longest life in a catfish is up to 80 years and in a beluga up to 100 years.

The lifespan of fish in the aquarium depends on their belonging to the species and family, from the conditions in the aquarium. Small fishes live up to 5 years, medium to 10 years, large to 15 years or more. For example, neon live 4 years, barbs 7 years. Goldfish are considered long-lived, live 15 years. If they create good conditions and care, then the life span can be extended to 30 years. Some fish, if kept in an aquarium, live longer.